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Welcome to our new Rainbow Bubble Experience!

For this final week, we have a change to our normal home learning. You will not find the usual booklets on the class webpage.


Instead we have put together a summer holiday home learning booklet for you and a reflection booklet ready for moving to your new class.

The summer home learning booklet contains a range of activities to help keep you occupied over the next six weeks. You will find a variety of tasks linked to spellings, handwriting, reading, writing, maths and times tables. The reflection booklet is a great way for you to think about what you have achieved this year and goals to set yourself for next year.


Of course, there are no expectations for you to complete all of these tasks or try to follow a normal school routine during the summer holiday. If you have some spare time and are not sure what to do, we are here to help you with some suggestions. It is an extra resource for you to have at hand if needed. It will though be a great way to keep your skills up ready for a new start in September!

Dear Parents /Carers


Reception class will be opening its doors to our new Rainbow Bubbles. This means that the home learning will be carried out in the Bubbles.


So the learning suggestions in the booklets will be used at school. This way whether you are in a bubble or at home, you will be able to access all the learning.


We are excited to be able to welcome you all back but also fully understand if you feel that you are not ready yet for the new Rainbow Bubble Experience :)


We are expecting you to keep sharing your learning, through Class Dojo and we can't wait to share the portfolios with you all again!


Have fun!


Miss Nelis & Mrs Sherliker and the rest of the Rainbow Team



** Bubble A ******************************** Bubble B **

In the mean time, we will keep giving you new learning suggestions. Every Monday, there will be a home Learning booklet ready for you to pick up or to print out.

Traditional Tales : Little Red Riding Hood

Maths: We will carry on with the Numberblock Episodes and concentrate on counting in 2, 5, 10. We will learn different ways to add and subtract from 0-20. We will talk about one more and one less and play around with the 100 quare.

Have a go at "The big number song". Can you make / write those big numbers?

We hope you find our learning suggestions useful! Look after yourselves and hope to see you all very soon!