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Supporting Children's Mental Health and well Being

Supporting children's mental health and well being is fundamental to children being able to thrive. At St Denys, this is a high priority for everyone and something that is always on our agenda for staff training. We recognise that unless a child feels safe and happy, they will not be able to learn effectively. We are part of the Southampton Mental Health in Schools project and as such are supported to improve our provision in school as well as being able to sign post parents and carers to agencies for support. We will be sharing information on this page regularly.


Click on the the link below to find the latest edition of the Southampton Mental Health in Schools Newsletter which comes out each term. You will find lots of useful information with top tips and ideas for supporting children and families mental health and well being. 


If you do have a concern about your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we can either offer support or sign post you to another agency who can.


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