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Spring Term 1: Winter

The next few weeks we will be exploring the season "Winter".


We will observing the changes in weather, in nature , in our outside spaces around the school.


We will be discovering the features of the winter season.


We will be discussing hibernation and that it is not just animals that sleep during this time a year.


We will be sharing ideas about light and dark, our solar system, the moon and the stars.

Autumn term 2: Nocturnal animals

It is dark....

It is daaaaark ......

It is dark in the midnight sky .....


I can hear noises all around

What could they be?


twit twoooo      ( owl )


rustle rustle     ( badger )


ahooooo ahooooo  ( fox )


snuffle snuffle     ( Hedge hog )


click clack click clack   ( Bat )