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Welcome back! We have now started our Summer Term

These are the type of questions we are going to explore!


We will be revisiting our Phonics sounds ( Phase 2 and 3).

We will be learning more Tricky words.

We will be practising our reading skills and share loads of stories together!


We will be practising our Pre Cursive Handwriting

We will be writing lists, using our sounds to help us write the words.

We will be thinking about "sentence structure" and where to use a capital letter.

We will be thinking about "finger spaces" and " full stops".


We will be revisiting our Number Blocks counting

We will be learning about Number Bonds.

We will keep exploring "Shape Space and Measure"

Our Topic : The Life cycle of a butterfly

These are our learning powers!

They will help us develop strategies to access all the learning we will be exploring in Rainbow Class.

Play is a central part of young children's learning. 

Through play children explore ideas, feelings and relationships. 

They can take risks, make mistakes

and try things out without fear or failure.

Play can push out the limits of what is possible

and help children be creative, flexible and imaginative.

Rich play promotes control, mastery, confidence and well being.


                        Early Education-Learning for life exhibition

Handy to know list:

  • Morning start: the class will be open from 8:35 and you and your child are welcome to come in, get settled and share some time together until 9:00, every day!


  • Snack time: your child will have milk and a piece of fruit, provided by the school, every day.                                                                                                                               
  • Lunch time: your child will choose their dinner choice in the morning and help set up the tables in class at 11:45. Your child will eat in class and when finished play on the Rainbow playground.
  • PE: Your child will have 2 slots of PE a week.                                                   
  • Library: Your child will visit our school library every week, he/she will bring a book home to swap over every week.                                          
  • ICT: as well as using the class SMART board, your child will have laptop practise, every week.                                                                         
  • Music: Mrs Clarke, our music teacher, will come in every Tuesday and sing/make music with the children.                                                        
  • Star helper: your child will become the star helper for the day and take the class puppet home for the night.                                                    
  • Houses:Our school is divided in 4 school houses,

Habana, Carpathia, Titanic and QE2.

Your child will become a member of one of them and share assemblies together.


If there is ever anything you like to ask please come and find us!



In Rainbow the children help run the class room: