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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In Class 5 you will find Mr Baker, Mr Fielder (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons) and Miss Jones. We are all very excited for you to come and join us and hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer holiday.

Here are some of the exciting things we will be learning in Year 5 during the Autumn Term.

Below you will find our new Home learning activity booklet. Every Monday, you will have a spelling task and an activity to help you understand our times table focus for the week. You can also pick an activity from the English or Maths grids to complete. You can choose which activities you do, but remember to take care with the presentation!

When you have completed a task, you can post it to your Class Dojo Portfolio. You can post a picture, drawing or writing. You can also post a photo of you doing your activity if you like. If you prefer, you can complete your home learning in your orange books instead and bring it into school.



The most important thing you can do for home learning is READ. Try to read some of your book every day. This can be a book from school or one of your own books. It is always a good idea to share with someone what you are reading. Tell them what your book is about, what has happened so far and what you predict will happen next. Always ask someone if you find a word that you are not sure about.

This half term, the children will study the book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. On the dark streets of a city, a young girl tries to steal an old lady's bag. But the old lady hangs on with unexpected strength, only at last agreeing to give up her bag if the girl will make a promise in return. And so begins the first steps of a journey that will transform the world around her - and her own life - in ways she could never have imagined. This book is part of a whole school project to reinforce the themes of determination, environment, open-mindedness and wellbeing.

During our grammar sessions, we will be learning how to use direct speech, commas in lists,
colons and modal verbs.


Our spelling words will focus words that end with -cious, -tious, -cial or –tial and words that end with -ant, -ance, -ent or -ence.


This half term, our maths learning will focus on place value, addition and subtraction. This will include: place value in whole numbers up to 1,000,000 (reading, writing, comparing, ordering and rounding), interpreting negative numbers in context and counting forwards and backwards through zero, Roman numerals to 1000 (M) and adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than four digits using mental and formal written methods.


We will also be continuing with our daily times table practice. For this half term, the main focus will be on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables. It is important to learn the related division facts as well as recall the multiplication facts quickly to improve your Rock Status. You will have your own login names and passwords for Sumdog and Times Tables Rockstars. This can be accessed at home as well as at school to help improve your maths and reading skills.

Please have a look at our Y5 Curriculum update to find out all the other wonderful things we will be learning about this half term.