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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In Class 5 you will find Mr Baker, Miss Tillyer (Monday - Thursday), Mr Fielder (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons) and Miss Rawles. We are all very excited to continue our learning as we begin the Spring Term 2022.

Here are some of the exciting things we will be learning in Year 5 during the first half of the Spring Term.

Home learning can be posted directly to your Class Dojo portfolio. You can post a picture, drawing or writing. You can also just post a photo of yourself doing an activity! Home learning can also be completed in your orange book provided and brought into school. Spelling tasks, Times Table tasks and an additional maths task will also be sent home and posted here on a Monday. You can also choose to do some of their own choice writing. Don't forget to plan, write, read and edit!

The most important thing you can do for home learning is READ. Try to read some of your book every day. This can be a book from school or one of your own books. It is always a good idea to share with someone what you are reading. Tell them what your book is about, what has happened so far and what you predict will happen next. Always ask someone if you find a word that you are not sure about.

We will begin this half term by reading ‘ICE TRAP! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition’ by Meredith Hooper. This picture book tells the true story of the expedition led by Ernest Shackleton which aimed to traverse the Antarctic. Although unsuccessful in his aim, and frequently overshadowed by the exploits of Scott and Amundsen, Shackleton’s adventure is remarkable for the story it tells of bravery, endurance, loyalty and leadership. We will learn about the differences between information and fiction texts and produce a range of writing to respond to the text.

This half term we will be learning, identifying and using: the perfect tense, prepositions of time, apostrophes, imperative verbs and hyphens in compound words. 


Our spellings will focus on adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in –fer, the use of the hyphen with prefix co- and re- and finally words that contain ie or ei.


This half term, our maths learning will focus on multiplication and division. This will include: multiples, factors, common factors, prime numbers, square numbers, cube numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. We will also begin learning about perimeter and area of regular and compound shapes.


We will also be continuing with our daily times table practice. For this half term, the main focus will be on the 8 and 9 times tables. It is important to learn the related division facts as well as recall the multiplication facts quickly to improve your Rock Status.


You also have your own login names and passwords for Sumdog and Times Tables Rockstars. This can be accessed at home as well as at school to help improve your maths and reading skills.