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Year 4

Welcome to Class 4!

In Class 4 you will find Mrs Foster, Mrs Adams, Miss Whitley and Mrs Lynch. We are very much looking forward to guiding you through your Year 4 journey, full of fun and lots of exciting learning.


Please check class Dojo as this is where you will find our daily/weekly updates. 


- Please bring in your own fruit or vegetable snack for break time if you would like. Please ensure your snack pot is labelled to ensure it does not get lost. 

- Please bring in your own water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.



Our P.E day is going to be on a Tuesday. Please ensure you come to school on a Tuesday wearing the appropriate PE kit: House coloured T -Shirt (not football shirts), shorts, leggings or tracksuit trousers and  trainers or shoes that are suitable for sport. If you wear earrings, please make sure these are removed for your PE day or taped up before coming to school.

Developing a Love for Reading in Year 4!


In Class 4, we are really trying to push the children's reading. Could you please encourage your child to be reading at least 15 minutes each night. This will really help to improve their fluency, comprehension and writing.  o support you with books that can be read at home, I have made this suggested book list. These are targeted at Year 4 children and are a range of genres. We encourage both fiction and non-fiction books to be read.

Home Learning

Children will receive a sheet of paper, consisting of 3 activities (English, Maths and Captivating Curriculum) on a Friday. These activities are based on what the children have been learning in class, thus meaning they should be able to complete them independently. 


Homework will be due in the following Thursday. This means the children have the weekend, plus 3 days to complete their homework. Children will receive 5 dojos for completing their homework each week.


There will be a homework club, held on a Wednesday, for the children who are consistently not completing their homework or those who struggle to do work at home. 


Homework will be posted onto Dojo each week too for easy access. 

Home Learning - Autumn 1

Curriculum Information

Here is where you will find what we will be getting up to each half term!

Autumn 1

We will start off our Year 4 journey by doing lots of exciting things and learning lots of new concepts! Take a look at our Autumn 1 Curriculum Update. This will tell you what the children will be learning about in each subject. 

Autumn 2

Class 4 have settled into their new environment really well and have shown great resilience, perseverance and determination in doing so. They have done us all proud! In Autumn 2, we continue our amazing learning across all subjects. Take a look at our Curriculum Update which will let you know what we are doing over the half term. 

Home Learning - Autumn 2

Spring 1

We are ready to start another term in Class 4. This half term consists of more exciting and engaging learning: we will be learning about Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Geography, Submission and Islam in R.E and States of Matter in Science.

Home Learning - Spring 1

Spring 2

In Spring 2, we will be embedding our learning from Spring 1 whilst learning about lots of new concepts and ideas. We start our swimming lessons this half term which is really exciting - the children are really looking forward to it. We have visitors coming in who will be speaking to us about handling and saving money as well as providing mental health workshops. Lots to look forward to. Take a look at our Curriculum Update to find out more. 

Spring 2 - Home Learning

Summer 1

We are kick starting the last term in Class 4 - this half term consists of some fun Science, engaging Geography and enjoyable Computing. Take a look at our Curriculum Update and it will tell you everything we will be getting up to in Class 4 during Summer 1. We have lots to look forward to!

Home Learning - Summer 1

Summer 2

We are entering our last half term in Year 4! This half term will be busy but full of exciting learning as well as building on our prior knowledge and skills. We have exciting workshops happening this half term in PSHE and in History - these help to bring our topics to life. I have no doubt the children will continue to work hard. 

Summer 2 - Home Learning