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Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge

This week our writing challenge will be to write a narrative or story. The idea for your story is ‘Through the Doorway’.

Where is the doorway? What type of door is it? Perhaps your character will find something on the other side of the door or maybe the door will be locked.

Think about the following:

  • Who are your characters?
  • Where is your story set?
  • What is the problem or complication and how will it be solved?
  • How will your story end?

Remember to plan, write, read, edit and publish:

  • Plan your story with a beginning, middle and end. How are you going to hook the reader at the start? You could write down notes, draw a picture or create a storyboard.
  • Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  • Choose your words carefully to entertain the reader.
  • Write in sentences. Think about some of the things we have used in class like inverted commas or fronted adverbials.
  • Pay attention to your spelling and punctuation.
  • Read, check and edit your work carefully.
  • Decide how you are going to publish your story: writing it out, typing it, making a book?