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Each week you will have 10 new spelling words - with a choice of 2 levels.


Some of the 10 spellings will help you  investigate and learn a spelling pattern - this week we are carrying on with the suffix (word ending) ous


Others will be from our Year 4 spelling mat or are common exception words. 


We suggest a structure like this for the week, based on 10-15 minutes practice per day: 


Session 1 Choose your spelling level for this week, or which spellings you are going to 'mix and match' (be honest about which one will be the right challenge for you). Get someone to test you and work out which ones from the list you will really need to focus on (remember to aim to learn about 5 spellings a week). 
Session 2

Complete Look, Cover, Write, Check for your focus spellings (5-8 words you chose yesterday). 


Investigate the spelling pattern with Activity sheet 1. 

Session 3 Write your focus spellings in sentences to show you understand what they mean.
Session 4

Practise your focus spellings.

You could use Pyramids (adding one letter at a time to your word), Rainbow Writing (write each spelling in at least 5 different colours), or another strategy that works for you. 

Session 5

Test! Ask someone to test you on your spelling words. How many did you learn this week?


You could also use Activity sheet 2 to investigate the spelling pattern further. 


This week's spelling words: 


Focus pattern: 'ous' - meaning possessing or full of e.g. someone humorous has (possesses) a good sense of fun. 


Level 1 Level 2
school         frantically


there glamorous
their courageous
jealous serious
joyous spontaneous
famous duly
nervous publicly
four medicine
eight natural