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Hellooooooo welcome to Rainbow class

We are Miss Nelis and Mrs Sherliker and we are the teachers in reception

In Rainbow class the children come to explore and broaden their knowledge using the 7 learning areas of the EYFS inspired by the Chris Quigley Curriculum.

Children get inspired to explore their questions, find answers and new information by sharing the learning space, learn from each other and try things out through play.

1.Communication and language: listen to each other, share your ideas, explain your reasoning, ask questions....

2.Personal-social-emotional development: converse with a friend, working together, discuss, share resources

3.Physical Development: practise Gross and Fine motor skills, be confident in your own body, know how to look after yourself....

4.Literacy: reading and writing. Children to explore texts, enjoy sharing a story, practising their mark making skills and learn how to write

5.Mathematics: explore the amount of numbers, shape, space and measure

6.Understanding of the World: children test their ideas and broaden their knowledge within the history, geography, ecology and science topics by asking questions and finding out answers.

7.Expressive art and Design: children to explore using different type of tools to make and create, to express themselves through music, dance and play.

See here some of our weekly learning