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Class 6

Welcome To Year Six!


In Class Six you will find Mr Howard, Miss Rawles and Mrs Wield.


Here are some of the exciting things we will be learning in the second half of the Summer Term.

This half-term, we will be continuing to base a lot of our English work on our exciting novel, Stormbreaker.


We will be writing persuasive letters, adverts, tense stories, reports and discussion texts.


We will also be refining our inference skills in reading lessons.

Our grammar work this half term will focus on identifying different types of conjunctions, using paired adjectives to add description, using commas before conjunctions, modal verbs and adverbs, verbs as sentence starters and using parentheses (brackets, dashes, commas).


In our spelling lessons we will finish learning words with the -ei and -ough letter strings, and will also be learning words with silent letters.

In mathematics this half term, we will be consolidating all of our learning in Key Stage Two and applying it to mathematical investigations and extended problem solving.

In Science, we will be learning about the lives and works of some of our greatest scientists.  We’ll also be refining our scientific thinking and planning scientific investigations

In History, we will learn about the life and times of William Shakespeare, and we will also study some of his most famous plays.

In RE this half-term, we will be learning about humanism.  We will examine the differences between religious viewpoints and non-religious viewpoints.  We will learn what the difference is between atheism and humanism and learn about key Humanist thinkers, as well as have a good understanding of some of the core values of humanism

During our PSHE sessions, we will continue our learning on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, and how to look after ourselves, physically and mentally.  We will also look specifically at issues surrounding transition to secondary school.


We will also learn about some of the other changes we go through as we approach puberty, and will also learn about human reproduction and birth; and our increasing independence.  I will write to you to let your know all about this aspect of the curriculum so you can be prepared for it and discuss any concerns with me.

Don't forget to read regularly at home and develop your passion for books. In Year 6, you still need to read daily. It is important to talk about what you have read and share your thoughts and opinions on the text with someone at home.