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Class 6

Home Learning Wednesday 6th January 2020


Hi Year 6,

I hope you’re all feeling happy and well today.  I just want to say again how proud we all are at how you’re coping with another change to your learning!


Here is your learning for today.  It looks a bit different to yesterday’s, as there are different lessons planned that will make it feel a bit like a school day.  I would you to try each of the lessons each day but you don’t need to complete them in the order that I’ve posted them. 

For most of the lessons you just need to watch the video and have a pen or pencil and some paper, and maybe some resources you should have at home anyway, such as your reading book.


Each day there are four lessons to complete, some reading, and some exercise. 


These are the things that will make up your new school day while you are at home for the rest of this week:

•             An English lesson

•             A maths lesson

•             A history lesson

•             An art lesson

•             Reading on your own for 20 minutes

•             Practising your times tables on TT Rockstars or on an online game


Below are your lessons for today.

Sometimes the video might ask you to pause and do the quiz.  Don’t worry if you can’t do this.  The most important thing is to watch the video.


Don’t forget to post your learning on your portfolios!


English – Reading for Pleasure:

Maths – Describing Co-ordinates on a Grid

History – What Do We Know About Prehistoric Britain?

Art – Art Attack!

Watch this episode of Art Attack and try any ideas you think look fun!  Or, sketch or paint something of your choice.  I reckon many of your parents and carers will remember Art Attack if they grew up in the UK!


Make sure you spend some time exercising. You could run on the spot, do star jumps, skip around the house or walk up and down the stairs 5 times.  If you prefer, you could search for a workout with Joe Wicks on the internet.

Or, if you can, play in the garden or go for a walk in the park with your family!


Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you,


Mr H

Remote Learning January 2020


Dear Year 6 and Parents
Apologies for numerous messages this morning. We are working out the best way to get the Home Learning up and running in the best way for everyone. Please disregard any messages you might have seen so far - this is the learning for today. My apologies again! I'll be writing more soon.

Following the Government announcement last night, school is unfortunately closed for most children until we are told we can welcome everyone back. This does mean that you will be asked to work from on home on a range of different tasks. I know this can sometimes be tricky to do at home, so all we can ask is that you try your best with your families help. You were all brilliant during the last lockdown!

Our home learning will begin properly from Wednesday 6th January and Mrs Talbot-Jones will be sending out a message later today to explain more. It will be a bit different to what you were used to last time and hopefully will feel more like being in school!

While we get everything set up and ready for you on Wednesday, you will want something to do today. Here are some suggestions to get you started, although you are NOT being asked to complete everything on this list!

- Read as much as you like today! Find somewhere warm and cosy to curl up and enjoy the book you are reading at the moment, or a return to a favourite book you have read many times!

- Practice your times tables – multiplication and division! Create your own times tables game to help you practice and challenge someone in your family to play with you. Don't forget you can go on TT Rockstars!

- Start your own ‘We are Writers’ book and write your own story. Don’t forget to follow what we would do in the classroom – plan, write, read and edit.

- Have a go drawing or painting using the sketching and painting skills we learned last term. You can draw anything - a favourite toy, a portrait of a celebrity or a portrait of a member of your family!

- Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercising. This could be in your garden or going for a walk with your family.

- Choose a film to watch and then write a review and a summary of what happened. Draw your own book cover or DVD cover for the film. Draw and write about the main characters. Plan and write about what might happen next once the film ends. Make a model of the film and use it to act out a scene.

- In December, the whole of our school created a kindness calendar and promised to do at least one ‘random act of kindness’ every day. What are the most important things that you did to be kind to others? Make a list of all the kind things you managed to do during the Christmas holiday.

Don’t forget you can always post me any questions and I will try to answer them for you.

Mr H

Welcome To Year Six!


In Class Six you will find Mr Howard, Miss Rawles and Mrs Wield.


We are all looking forward to welcoming you back and hearing about all the wonderful things you have been doing at home during the school closure and summer holiday.


This is going to be an exciting year and I can't wait to see all the things you are going to achieve. Somethings will be different to last year but we will make sure you learn lots of new things, have fun and stay safe.


Please note that Y6 will be entering the classroom by the side door to Year 6, and not the main gate.  There is a gate in the metal fence near the St Denys Road end of the school building, which will take you to our door.  Each day, either Miss Rawles, Mrs Wield or I will be there to greet you and show you where to go.  Don't worry; you will get used to it very quickly.  This is also where we leave at the end of the day.


This half term, we will study the book Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. As a whole school, we chose this book to build a sequence of work around because it provides a powerful vehicle for you to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in, re-connect with each other and re-engage with school life. The words and pictures work together to help you to understand your place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.


I am looking forward to reading it with you all!


Best wishes, Mr Howard, Miss Rawles and Mrs Wield


Year 6 Curriculum Update - Autumn 1

Home Learning Autumn 1