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Welcome to the Class 6 School Closure page

For this final week, we have a change to our normal home learning. You will not find the usual booklets on the class webpage.


Instead we have put together a summer holiday home learning booklet for you and a reflection booklet ready for moving to your new class.

The summer home learning booklet contains a range of activities to help keep you occupied over the next six weeks. You will find a variety of tasks linked to spellings, handwriting, reading, writing, maths and times tables. The reflection booklet is a great way for you to think about what you have achieved this year and goals to set yourself for next year.


Of course, there are no expectations for you to complete all of these tasks or try to follow a normal school routine during the summer holiday. If you have some spare time and are not sure what to do, we are here to help you with some suggestions. It is an extra resource for you to have at hand if needed. It will though be a great way to keep your skills up ready for a new start in September!

Song Lyrics!

Hello and welcome to Class 6's school closure page.  As schools are still not fully open, we will be keeping you updated on this page with learning activities and ideas.


Here is the joint booklet for Year 5 and Year 6 for this week. You can download it below or you can collect a printed copy from the school foyer.

You also have a separate booklet that includes your new spelling words and Time Table Rockstar challenges for the week. Again, you can download it below or you can collect a printed copy from the school foyer.

We will still be using our Class Dojo page as a way of communicating and sharing things so do please keep posting on there with all the wonderful things you have been up to.


If you prefer to try some online lessons, then check out BBC Bitesize for a range of daily activities. The online lessons appear daily so check out the schedule below to see what is going to appearing soon.

As well as BBC Bitesize, you might also want to check out the daily lessons available on the Oak National Academy website. Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

New lessons and resources are provided each week. You can either follow the daily suggestion or pick and choose lessons that are of interest to you.

Oak National Academy will fit perfectly alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize and our own school closure booklets. Together, these can offer a structure to the day for children until schools fully reopen.
We absolutely do not expect you to be replicating school at home. The activities that we are posting are ideas for you to try and are a way of ensuring you are keeping up the skills we have learned in school. Try and do as much as you can and make it work for your family.

Year 6 Home Learning School Closure Booklet

Maths, English and Topic Lessons


Each week I'll upload five Maths, English and Topic lessons for you to do.  I've included answers with the Maths lessons so you can check your answers.  No peeking!

Weekly Writing Challenge!

Friday's lesson is a series of maths challenges on the BBC Bitesize page!  They start off really easy and get progressively more difficult.  Enjoy!

Topic Lessons Week Commencing 18.05.20


Use these links to the BBC Bitesize Pages where there are full lesson activities for you to try.  You can complete any written work in your home learning books!


Monday - Geography - Natural Resources


Tuesday - Science - Magnets


Wednesday - Computing - What Makes A Good Computer Game?

Thursday - Music - Composing Music With Found Sounds!


Friday - History - Who Were The Anglo Saxons?


TT Rockstars! You could time yourselves and do it to rock music!

Online Lessons!


I thought I'd give you a list of online lessons that you can do with various celebrities - great to keep you occupied and hopefully lots of fun. Remember to check with your parents before searching on YouTube.

Obviously I'm going to be doing dance with Oti!

9am - PE with Joe Wicks - YouTube

10am - Music with Mylene Klass - YouTube

11am - Science with Maddie Moate - YouTube

11:30am - Dance with Oti Mabuse - YouTube

1pm - Maths with Carol Vorderman -

2pm - History with Dan Snow -

3pm - English with David Walliams -

5:30pm - Cooking with Jamie Oliver -

Geograhy - Research a country of your choice!

Fun Science Ideas Around The Home!



The most important thing you can do at home is to read as much as possible, every single day.


Try to aim for at least 30 minutes every day, but you can of course read more than that. This could be one of your own books, or your school library book, or an eBook online.


Check out this fantastic website for eBooks



You just need to click on the tap that says 'My class login' and enter the following:


My class name: stdenys

Password: pupil


When you click on 'My bookshelf' you will be able to browse a large library of books including some well known classics.


If you would prefer to listen to a story try out this free library of books:



Practice your times tables every day – multiplication and division! Create your own times tables game to help you practice and challenge someone in your family to play with you.  Don't forget to get on TT Rockstars!


Watch and listen to times table songs!


Here are 5 maths lessons you could have a go at all to do with ratio. Try to follow one lesson each day this week. There are some questions you can download as well. You could print the worksheet or do them straight in your workbook.


Some parts might be challenging so ask an adult at home to help you if you are not sure.


Staying fit and healthy


During this time at home, it is really important for you to stay fit and healthy. Try doing some daily exercise. You could even get some family members to join in with you!


Try these workouts for children by Joe Wicks:


There is always something fun to try on GoNoodle!

I will be updating this page with with more ideas and resources very soon.  Don't forget to contact me via Class Dojo if you want to tell me anything or show me any work!


Mr Howard