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Remote Learning: July 2021

For the rest of this week, I will be posting our activities just like we did during January and February when school was closed. There will be a range of different activities for you to complete at home. Please just try to complete what you can as I know it might not always be easy at home. Try and do as much as you can and make it work for your family.


Keep posting in your portfolios with all the wonderful things you have been up to.

Friday 23rd July 2021

Well, today is our final day together!

For lots of you, you will be returning to the classroom to spend a great day with Mrs Fricker, Miss Tarling and Mr Fielder.

Unfortunately, some of us are still having to stay at home. I am not posting any activities for you to do today! Instead, you can choose to read a book, play a game, make something or enjoy a film. You decide! If you did want to do some activities, then have a look through the tasks I have been posting over the last two weeks and see if there is something you missed.

We do have a final zoom meeting planned for 11:30 this morning. If you are at home and would like to, we will join Mr Fielder and the other children in the classroom to say hello, goodbye and wish everyone a great summer holiday.

Thursday 22nd July 2021

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Welcome to Year 5

In class five you will find Mr Baker, Mrs Fricker, Miss Tarling and Mr Fielder.

Here are some of the exciting things we will be learning in Year 5 during the final half of the Summer Term.

Below you will find our new Home learning activity booklet. Each week you can choose a couple of activities to complete at home. Remember, you will not have a Home Learning book to bring into school each week. We would like you to continue using your Class Dojo Portfolio to post anything you complete.

This half term, we will be reading ‘ICE TRAP! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition’ by Meredith Hooper.


This picture book tells the true story of the expedition led by Ernest Shackleton which aimed to traverse the Antarctic. Although unsuccessful in his aim, and frequently overshadowed by the exploits of Scott and Amundsen, Shackleton’s adventure is remarkable for the story it tells of bravery, endurance, loyalty and leadership. We will learn about the differences between information and fiction texts and produce a range of writing to respond to the text.


During our grammar sessions, we will be learning how to use brackets, reported speech, commas for parenthesis, dashes and expanded noun phrases.


Our spelling words will continue to focus on and near homophones as well as a look back over the whole year.

This half term, our maths learning will continue to focus on fractions. This will include comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, multiplying fractions and finally, calculating fractions of different amounts.  


We will also be continuing with our daily times table practice. For the final half term, the main focus will be on all of the times tables. You also need to learn the related division facts as well as recall the multiplication facts quickly to improve your Rock Status.

You will have your own login names and passwords for Sumdog and Times Tables Rockstars. This can be accessed at home as well as at school to help improve your maths and reading skills.

This half term, we will be continue learning about Earth and its place in our Solar System. The children will: distinguish between heliocentric and geocentric ideas of planetary movement; explain that day and night is due to rotation of the Earth; support the idea that different places on Earth experience night and day at different times with evidence; report and present findings from enquiries; explain how the Moon moves relative to the Earth.

During our PSHE sessions, children will consider ways they can use the Internet positively and how they can look after their wellbeing while being online. The benefits and risk of social media will also be explored, as well as how social media can be used responsibly. Children will also learn how to

recognise what online bullying looks like and how to help make it stop.

Don't forget to read regularly at home and develop your passion for books. In Year 5, you still need to read daily. It is important to talk about what you have read and share your thoughts and opinions on the text with someone at home.

This is a great song to help everyone continue making good choices!

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