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Activity 3



  The CHEWING-GUM Meal!   


Violet Beauregard is a despicable character and she LOVES to chew gum.

1.Read the extract that describes her scoffing the newly invented and un-safe chewing gum.


2. How can we tell, just from this extract, that Violet has a dreadful character? Write a sentence or two to explain and use words from the text to support your answer.


3. What does ‘obstinately’ mean? Find it in the text extract. Can you write a sentence using that word? You might want to include some speech to demonstrate just how obstinate the speaker is being!


4.As Violet chews the gum, she describes the 3 different courses of the delicious meal that she can taste. Your job is to imagine your own delicious 3 course meal! What would you choose for your starter, main and dessert?


5,Use the sheet below to describe your ‘chewing gum meal’ and the EFFECT it has on anyone who chews it!





Read this extract about Violet and her risky gum chewing...