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Activity 1



Class4-tastic and the Chocolate Factory!


Activity 1:

1. Find somewhere cosy and settle down to read the extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Let your imagination dive into the wonderful magical world of Willy Wonka and his amazing chocolate factory.


2. Next, imagine that you have one of the best jobs imaginable! YOU are an inventor for Willy Wonka and work in a design office inside his enormous factory. You have been working hard to develop new and wonderful sweets that you know children all over the World will want to eat!


3. Use the chart below to help you start to design your new sweet using words.


4. Now draw your sweet. Maybe it is wrapped in packaging? Can you add some label captions to help explain your sweet illustration?


Book extracts to read first...

Sheet to help plan your ideas ...

Draw ( and label) your sweet design on here: