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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Class 4!


Fantastic to see so many of you ready to learn! It was lovely to see what lots of you got up to yesterday too!

As Mrs Talbot-Jones explained, our home learning will be slightly different from today. You will have different lessons to complete so that it feels a little bit more like a school day. You don't have to complete the learning in the order that I post it, however you do need to complete the work by the end of the day! I will be checking in with you regularly and will have class dojo open to answer any questions you may have and support you however I can!

Today you will have activities to complete for Maths, English (Spelling and Grammar) and History.

Maths - your activities are based on the 3 times tables. Complete each of the questions. On the second page there is a word search, find out the answer to the questions on the left and then find the word in the word search, for example 3x5=15 , so I would be looking for the word ‘fifteen’ in the word search.

Grammar – read ‘the quest’ and then choose which verb from the brackets you think fits the story best.

Spelling – add in the prefixes to the words on the first page, then on the second page add the correct prefixes from ‘sub-, inter-, anti- and auto-‘ to the root words.

Topic – Our topic is The Romans! I would like to know what you know about The Romans already so BEFORE you watch the video complete the first box on the sheet. Then watch the BBC Bitesize video and complete the second box.

Other activities - reading, TTRockstars, and some form of exercise!

Don't forget to post your work in your portfolio for me to see!