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Basic Skills



Today you will read another list poem about sweets and candy! You are going to write your own  

My shopping List list poem.

3D shapes


Today you will be recognising and naming 3D shapes by counting the flat faces or curved surfaces, edges and vertices.

The Fox and the Star  by Coralie Bickford-Smith 


Illustrate it!

What do you think Fox sees as he gazes up into the night sky?

Draw a picture of this as though you are looking through his eyes.

Forever friends  


That’s not fair. You will look at a range of scenarios that happen amongst friends and talk about if they are fair or unfair. Then you sort them in a table.


Ten less  


Find 10 less than for the three-digit numbers. Think carefully!  More than 1 digit might change!

Draw base 10 or anything that will help you, if you need to.


Make sure you try and spend some time exercising each day. Be creative and make it fun!  Walking with your family, dancing, bike or scooter riding. Joe Wicks started back on Monday! He is only doing his live PE sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the moment. You could have a go at this one from Monday if you haven’t already

or try one of Mr Fielder’s daily active physical challenges. He will post them EVERY day on the School Story page on Class Dojo.

 Whatever you decide, choose something physical you enjoy doing!