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Wednesday 13th January

Here is your learning for today:

Maths – This lesson will be looking at centimetres and millimetres. Watch the video first and then complete the worksheet.

English – Read the text and look carefully at the illustration again. After you have read the text a few times, have a go at drawing the front row of the audience, use the questions to help you. You do not need to write down your answers to the questions, they are just there to help you with drawing your picture. The text is blurry on the picture so I have written it out again for you here:

“Trust nothing…” said Abdul Kazam.
“But believe everything!”
He threw his arms into the air and the magic began.
Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves;
Silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air.
Bright white handkerchiefs became fluttering doves.

Grammar – Read the story on the first page. Then on the second page, rewrite the sentences, the conjunction has already been moved to the beginning of the sentence for you, so you just need to write in the next part of the sentence and check it makes sense.

Handwriting – Copy the handwriting on the page. You can print out the sheets to use the lines to help you, but don’t worry if you can’t; you can just use a piece of paper or notebook.

PSHE – This is the next lesson focusing on friendships and you will be looking at common scenarios that happen between friends and discuss if they are fair or unfair. Complete the lesson here:

To get some exercise in, give one of Mr Fielder’s challenges a go! Don’t forget to read too!

Maths video

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