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Tuesday 12th January

Good morning Class 4, I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Here is your learning for today:

Maths – We are going to be looking at length and perimeter this week, this lesson is all about metres and centimetres. Watch the video first and then complete the worksheet. There will be times in the video where you will be asked to pause to answer questions, don’t worry if you can’t, the important thing is that you watch the video!

English – This week we’ll be looking at the book ‘Leon and Place Between’. Read the text and look carefully at the illustration, then answer the questions. The picture is a little bit blurry so I have written out the text for you here:
“Trust nothing…” said Abdul Kazam.
“But believe everything!”
He threw his arms into the air and the magic began.
Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves;
Silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air.
Bright white handkerchiefs became fluttering doves.

Spelling – On the worksheet, add the suffix ‘–ation’ to the words in the brackets to make new words. If a word ends in ‘e’, you will need to take off the ‘e’ before adding ‘–ation’

Handwriting – Copy the handwriting on the page. You can print out the sheets to use the lines to help you, but don’t worry if you can’t; you can just use a piece of paper or notebook.

PSHE - This week we will be completing lessons about friendships and how our actions impact others. Complete the lesson here:

Try to get some reading and exercise in too! You could also practice your times tables on TTRockstars!

Remember you don’t have to print everything out, you can always just write your answers on a piece of paper! As always, if you need any help at all please message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Maths Video

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