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Design a vehicle for Claude and Sir Bobblysock! 

Today, you need to design any type of vehicle you like for Claude and Sir Bobblysock so that they can travel around the city. Don't make it just yet though, we're going to be doing that next week. 


You need to be thinking about what materials you could use. You will be using recycling from around the home, eg cereal boxes, yoghurt pots, etc. 


Think about what you want the vehicle to look like. Then think about what you are going to need to make it. How are you going to join parts? What special features will it have? Perhaps it will have some storage for all of Claude's berets! 


Once you know what you would like to make, get designing and drawing. Make sure to label each part so that you know what you are going to need. 


Throughout the week, collect the resources you need ready for making next week!