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Times Tables

Times Tables


Each day I will post a Times Tables Rockstars task for you. You can time yourself like we do in the classroom or just complete the questions.


For the final week in Class 5, our focus will be on ALL the times tables.


Remember, you do not need to print out the sheet. You can write your answers down on paper if you prefer. Don't forget to use the answer sheet to check your answers just like we do in the classroom.


Here is Session 4:

Here is Session 5:

Here is how to calculate your Rock Status:


  • First find the total minutes and multiply by 60. 
  • Then, calculated the total number of seconds.
  • Next, add these two answers together.
  • Finally, divide the answer by the total number of answers correct.


This will give you your average seconds by question.


Check below to see what your final Rock Status in Class 5 will be.


Headliner: between 3 and 4 seconds

Rock Star: between 2 and 3 seconds

Rock Legend: between 1 and 2 seconds

Rock Hero: less than 1 second