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Basic skills


Magic Spells!


Read some magic spells and then plan some magic by drawing round your hand to make a magic hand. Now you can make up a magic spell of your own!


Don’t lift your pencil! mathematical investigation


Try to work out how to draw over a diagram without lifting your pencil or going over a line twice.

Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram


Illustrate it!

Look at Bob in his home again. Read the question prompts and draw a whole room or choose a special object that you think Bob would like.


New Year’s Resolution.


Make your own New Year Resolution. Complete the star and share it with me.



Today is Thursday.

Write the day, with a capital letter at the start, at least 5 times. There are slope and bridge joins in this word!



Make sure you spend some time exercising. You could hop on one foot then the other, jump up and down 20 times, run to the door and back or bend down and touch your toes a few times.

Maybe try some GoNoodle.


New Year's Resolution

Click on the link to print off a New Year’s Resolution star or just make and decorate your own! I look forward to seeing what your New Year’s Resolutions are!