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Thursday 7th January

Good morning Class 4! I hope you’re all feeling well and ready to learn!

Just like yesterday you will have activities to complete for different subjects.

Maths - your activities are based on the 4 times tables today. The first sheet is very similar to yesterday’s. The second sheet includes division as well as multiplication, remember that division is the inverse (opposite) of multiplication, so you can use your times tables to help you!
To help you get some exercise in, I’ve included a link to the 4 times tables Supermovers! You can do this before or after the worksheets.

English – Complete the lesson on:
The lesson is about 20 minutes long and you will need a pen or pencil and some paper.

Spelling – On the first sheet, use the letters from the target words to create new words that match the clues given. On the second sheet, correct the circled spelling mistakes.

Art – Go to and pick one of the ‘how to draw a’ videos. There are lots of choices like how to draw a flower and how to draw a zebra. Pick whichever one you would like to try and give it a go!

Make sure to read and get some exercise in too!

Yesterday we had the highest amount of children doing their home learning in the whole school! I'm so proud of you Class 4, let's see if we can do it again today!

Miss Jones and I are in school today so may not be able to answer your questions or messages quickly, but we will still help you as much as we can! I will check in with you again at lunchtime!