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Thursday 14th January

Here is your learning for today:

Maths – This lesson is focused on kilometres. Watch the video first and then complete the worksheet (read the questions carefully!).

English – Look at the illustration and the front cover carefully and the answers the questions. I have written out the text for you again here:

“Trust nothing…” said Abdul Kazam.
“But believe everything!”
He threw his arms into the air and the magic began.
Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves;
Silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air.
Bright white handkerchiefs became fluttering doves.

Spelling – Match the words to the definitions.

Handwriting – Copy the handwriting on the page. You can print out the sheets to use the lines to help you, but don’t worry if you can’t; you can just use a piece of paper or notebook.

PSHE – This lesson is called ‘forever friends’ and focuses on what we can do if we experience or witness somebody being unkind.

Don’t forget to read and be active too!

I will be in school tomorrow so won’t be able to respond as quickly but will try to answer as quick as I can! 

Maths video

Still image for this video