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The Wonderful World of Rainbow online learning!

Dear Rainbow Class,

Here is where you will find our online learning, activities and support video's.


Every Monday, we will make sure that there is "new learning" put on the website every week.

The work booklets can be printed off from the web side or a hard copy can be picked up from School.


We will make sure you can repeat and go over your learning as many times as you want.

Remember practise makes your brain get stronger at remembering!


You will be able to have a go at practising your:

* Phonics sounds and reading skills

* mark making and handwriting skills

* Maths skills

and we will suggest you try and access an online reading scheme.


Give yourself time to adjust to it and please see this learning as a suggestion. 

The activities will be based around a mini topic and hopefully most children should be able to access the jobs independently.


We would love it if you took a photo of your jobs and share it in your portfolio on Class Dojo. We will be able to look at it and give some encouraging feedback!


Have fun!

Miss Nelis,  Mrs Sherliker  and Miss King


The Wonderful World of Literacy:

If you are not familiar with the story, please watch the movie it will help with some of the activities.

The Wonderful world of Maths

We will watch one episode of the Number Blocks a week.

The episode is linked to the 5 number jobs given out for the week.


The children will be using a ten frame, part-part-whole and counters to help themselves while doing these jobs.


Sometimes there will be a support video to show the children how to do the job.

New maths learning of the week : Wonderful World of 6!

Have a listen and practise counting to a trillion!

The Wonderful World of Reading

Reading every day is the best practise to help develop your child's language and vocabulary skills!

Looking at books, reacting to the pictures, asking questions about the story or just listening to a story are all part of the "magic" of learning how to read.

By listening and looking your child will make the links with Phonics and will become more aware of it's own reading skills.

The Wonderful World of Handwriting