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Returning to school

On Monday we will need to operate a one way system for entry and exit of the building. I attach a map (hope it makes sense) to give you a guide on how the system will work.

Basically Year 6 will enter and exit the site through the side gate closest to St Denys Road.

All other year groups (remember we A-K surnames arrive first and pick up first) will enter through the main gate next to the car park. They will then walk around the back of the sports hall, through the "football zone" playground, round the back of the shed entering the main playground. From here Year 3 will enter through the door in the left courtyard close to the Nurture Room, Year 4 will enter the same door as they did last year. Year 5 will enter through the door which leads to the office, Year 2 through the entrance used before which is opposite the Key Stage 1 toilets. Rainbow will enter through the music room. Year 1 will walk through Rainbow playground and enter the "new build" through the main "new build entrance" (where pupils enter for assembly).

After dropping pupils off or when collecting (from same point you dropped them off) please follow the one way system through Rainbow playground and out through our old main entrance used during the building work.

I have used chalk to mark all entrances, exits and the one way system but I am sure the rain will not stay away for long!

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mr D