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Your English task today is more about the book opening that you’ve been working on for the last two days.  If you haven’t done these tasks, please go back and complete Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s tasks for this week.

It’s time to tell you the name of the book!  It’s called Goodnight Mr Tom, and is written by Michelle Magorian.  It’s one of my favourite books and is a children’s classic, being published in 1981. I’ve read this book to many Year 6 classes, and they’ve always loved it.


For today’s lesson, which is on making predictions and asking questions, as well as learning more about the historical background to the film, you just need to watch the video and carry out the tasks.  You will need some paper or a notebook and something to write with, or you can write your responses directly onto your portfolios.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your work!