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Friday 8th January

Good Morning Class 4! Woohoo, it’s Friday! I am so proud of how well you’ve been doing with your home learning and really impressed by how you and your grown-ups have adapted to this, so well done everyone and keep up the great work! Here’s your learning for today:


Maths - Your activities are based on the 6 times tables today. On the first sheet, complete the different questions. The second sheet is a race around the track. Multiply the number by 6 and write the answer in the box.  If you can, set a timer and see how long it takes you to get around the track!


English – Complete the lesson here:

Just like yesterday, this lesson is about 20 minutes long and you will need a pen or pencil and some paper.


Spelling – This is the same as yesterday, use the letters from the target words to create new words that match the clues given. Then cover the word and practice spelling it!


Handwriting – Today is Friday, so practice writing ‘Friday’ in your neatest handwriting, with a capital letter at the start.


History – Complete the lesson on The Roman Empire here:

This lesson is around 20 minutes and you’ll need a pencil and some paper. Complete the quiz at the end!


As always, make sure to read and do some exercise!


Miss Jones and I are in school again today but we will try to answer any messages and questions as soon as we can! I will check in with you again at lunchtime!