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Friday 15th January

Here is your learning for today:

MathsIn this lesson, you will be looking at adding lengths. Watch the video first and then complete the worksheet. Read the questions carefully! It might help to go back to this week’s work to remind you of the equivalent lengths.

English This is our last lesson on Leon and the Place Between!

Your first task is to think of a new magic trick for Abdul Kazam to perform and think about how you might describe this to somebody else to make them excited to see it! You don’t need to write anything down, this is just to help you with your second task.


Your second task is to, using the questions to help you, draw and write about a trick that you would like to perform. You could create yourself as a magician; you’d need to think about your stage name and your costume! If you wanted to get even more creative, you could even create a poster for your magic show and put on a show for everyone at home!

Here is the text again in case you need it:

“Trust nothing…” said Abdul Kazam.
“But believe everything!”
He threw his arms into the air and the magic began.
Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves;
Silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air.
Bright white handkerchiefs became fluttering doves.


Grammar – Read the story and then complete the worksheet. You need to write both of the words in brackets into the sentence in the correct order.

Handwriting Copy the handwriting on the page. You can print out the sheets to use the lines to help you, but don’t worry if you can’t; you can just use a piece of paper or notebook.

PSHE This is the last lesson for this unit and is called ‘listening ears’. You will be looking at the importance of listening in a friendship. Complete the lesson here: 

Make sure to take time to read and be active, as well as taking regular breaks to do something you enjoy!

I will be in school again tomorrow, but as always I will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible! :)

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