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Your English task today is linked to the opening of the book you read yesterday.  You'll need to read it again a few times to carry out today's tasks!


Read the text again and think about the different characters in the opening of the novel.


1.What impression are you given of William Beech? Which words and phrases help you to imagine him? Why do you think he has a label with his name on? How do you imagine he feels in this moment?
2. What impression do you have of Mr Tom Oakley? Which different words and phrases suggest what he is like? What do you notice about the way he speaks? Does he seem friendly to you? You might like to highlight or underline the parts of the text that help you to visualise these two different characters.


3. Now draw a sketch of William from Mr Tom’s perspective. What would you need to include in the drawing?

4. What do you think Tom’s first impression of William is? Why? How might you show this in your drawing? What might his body language be like? Do you think he would look confident or shy and nervous? What kind of expression might you draw on his face? Why?

5. Re-read the opening and write some words and phrases that have helped you make your picture of William.

6. Share what you have drawn with someone else: Why have you chosen to draw him this way? Which words and phrases helped you make a picture?