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I have included another English task but if you would like to continue with your Stone Mouse mobile or Cave Baby tasks you started earlier in the week that is absolutely fine.


If you haven’t listened to the story UG by Raymond Briggs yet listen to that before you complete this task.


The story Ug-Boy Genius of the Stone Age is written like a comic strip. 
Can you create your own comic strip with three scenes – a beginning middle and end? You can use part of a story that you already know or make up your own.  Look at the PowerPoint on the features of comic strips for some ideas if you would like to.


A comic strip is no different from writing a short story. Follow these steps to create you own comic book scene.

  1. Write your ideas for your comic scene.
  2. Draw the three-frames.  
  3. Use basic shapes to draw.
  4. Add in the speech and lettering.
  5. Add detail to your cartoon.  
  6. Go over your comic in pen and colour in your pictures.


I look forward to seeing them J