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Today, you will try some more activities based on the book, 'The Midnight' Fox by Betsy Byars.

Talk about it


Re-read the text again that we have been using this week. This is the conversation between Tom and his best friend, Petie. In this opening part of the story, Tom is about to leave for the summer holiday to stay on his Aunt and Uncle's farm.

Think about this sentence:


‘Usually we talked all the time, but that evening we just sat there and watched an ant on Petie's sneaker.’


What does this tell us about the boys’ relationship and how they feel about what is about to happen?


How do you think Tom feels about his parents sending him to stay on the farm?

Why do you think he feels this way?


Do you know who or what ‘Lassie’ is?


Lassie is an American television series that follows the adventures of a female Rough Collie dog named Lassie and her companions, both human and animal. The show was televised from September 12, 1954, to March 25, 1973. The show follows Lassie's adventures in a fictional small farming community. Lassie makes friends with two boys, Jeff and Timmy, and spent each episode saving and rescuing people.


Why do you think Petie shares this story with Tom? What do you think he might be trying to say to his friend?