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Today, you will try some more activities based on the book, 'The Midnight' Fox by Betsy Byars.

Illustrate it


Re-read the text, or ask someone to read it to you, or maybe record it for yourself so you can play it over again.

After you have read the extract a few times, think about what you can see in your imagination, whatever stood out most to you.


Then take a pen or pencil and a bit of scrap paper. You can use the back of an old envelope, letter or cereal packet; whatever is to hand if you don’t have paper.


Draw what you see in your mind’s eye; anything that captures the place and the mood of this extract.


Did you draw the boys talking; Tom’s imagined rescue by Lassie or the pig; a sketch of the newspaper front page; or maybe you drew the sneakers from the ant’s eye-view?


Remember, everyone has their own ideas and imagines things their own way. This is a good thing!


Add any words and phrases that have helped you make your picture, which might come from the passage or from your own imagination.